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Words are hardly adequate to describe the wide range of activities or the beauty of nature which can be experienced in the area of mountaineering and alpine sport, but we would like to raise your interest in our club by providing some written information about our events.

The various club activities can be summarized as follows:


Sport is of course the most important. In order to keep fit we offer our members a weekly training session (see also Fit after 6). From spring until autumn you can increase you fitness with weekly Nordic walking and weekly rock-climbing practice outings are also organized.  We hope that with the help of these activities everyone can maintain or increase their level of fitness.

As a mountaineering and skiing club both summer and winter are main seasons for us and the mountains host our activities all year round.

In winter we practice many sports in the snow, often on skis. We climb ‘deserted’ summits with skins on the skis and enjoy tours in powder snow. Both on and off the ski-pistes  we can experience great descents. On the cross-country tracks of the Alps, Pre-alps, Jura and Schwarzwald we glide through the snow covered world or tramp on snow-shoes across the winter landscape.

In spring, summer and autumn we put on our walking or mountaineering boots and hike over mountains and through valleys, woods and meadows. Sometimes we use bikes to best experience the outdoors. For alpinists or those who wish to become one, our program includes training, tours for beginners and tours for experienced mountaineers. All take place with rope and ice-axe. In respect of equipment you only need to bring your own boots, the other equipment such as rope, ice-axe, climbing-harness, helmet and crampons can all be borrowed free of charge at club events. If you like to rock-climb or want to try this sometime, then just come with us. You will find the contact address on our web-site.

If you prefer events in which the social aspect is important, then please take note of events such as the Maibummel, raclette evening, club meetings, summer holiday programme or other activities where it can be seen that sport is not so important. To some extent the walking holidays in foreign countries can also be included in this category.

One or two culture events are also organized each year for interested parties. We visit a city or explore a region which is not yet well known.

Our club consists of somewhat more than 250 members. We receive generous support from our company and can therefore offer every year, now for over 75 years, a varied programme each summer and winter.

Our programme allows you to obtain a picture of our activities and if you feel motivated to take part in one or more of them, please complete the contact form. You are cordially invited to any event and we look forward to getting to know you personally.

In order to become a member you must complete the membership application form and return it. We will then contact you. You should be present at the next club meeting so that you can be accepted as a member.

Now the ball is with you; choose what you want to start with; we wish you a lot of fun and great experiences.

To get in touch with us just send us a email!

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